Friday, January 9, 2009

Google Images printout proves it’s a Google world

Google Images connects us to the world we can’t see for ourselves. Just pop in a query for any location and BOOM! You’re whisked off into imagery heaven. Well, at least this works for most locations. But of course, if you live in a one-horse town, you’re going to have a tad bit more trouble finding relevant images for your location.

But hey, a man can dream. And when a man can dream, a man can create. Hence the “It’s A Google World” project, which allows you to print out a Google image page. When the proper spots are cut away literally any location becomes a Google Image page.

It’s really simple. All you do is print out the special Google Image page, cut out the designated image areas, and you’re ready to create the Google Image page of your dreams. Take a visit to a local landmark and line-up the images within the image squares. Instant gratification.

The example city being used is Stockholm, but of course, the “It’s A Google World” pages would work with any and all locations, as long as there is something to be seen and divided, grid style. Extra points for good composition and interesting perspective.

Source via Designboom