Saturday, January 10, 2009


Formed in 2006, Estrella originally consisted of three members; Ashraf, Syariful Adzwan (Yob), and fronted by Liyana. In May 2006, the Troubaganger acoustic gig marked their first-ever performance, initially winning over the audience at cozy La Bodega KL. However, very soon after the three members were then reduced to the current two as Ashraf decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

Armed with their guitars and heartfelt tunes, Liyana and Yob began circulating the local music scene with their own brand of acoustic music. Numerous open-mic sessions and gigs at notable shows around town followed suit; namely Moonshine, Troubadours, Doppelganger, and No Black Tie, and the band began to generate more attention for the duo from both the audience and the organizers.

In June 2006, Estrella’s first single, ‘Take It Slow’ was featured in Troubadours’s “The Voices Next Door” compilation album, and the song was then taken by RedComm productions as part of the soundtrack for the SunSilk TV series Impian Illiyana which ran for 13 consecutive weeks. Gaining some pretty decent exposure in the media as well as the indie scene, friendships were also made with likeminded individuals and groups along the way, providing them with even more ideas and opportunity to grow musically.

Having captured the attention of the Laguna Music, Estrella further evolved their genre from indie jazz to a slightly more complex sound, with dreamy and spacey after-effects. Under the suggestion of Laguna Music Producer, Jeffrey Little, the strummers now became a light band - with members, Shamsul Idzwan on percussions and Jeffrey Little, himself on drums.

Making rounds at gigs around town as a full band, opening for Seven Collar T-shirt for their showcase ‘A Seven Collar Sonique Cinematique’ and performing at the annual KL Sing Song 2007 show alongside notable singer-songwriters like Azmyl Yunor, Pete Teo and Shanon Shah, gave the band ample media exposure and a good headstart.

Having worked their way to perfecting their existing and new material, Estrella’s self-titled album was released on the 28th of December 2007. Following the release of the album, Estrella released two singles, ‘Ternyata’ & ‘Stay’, to reach-out to both the Malay & English markets.

Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements in their music, using simplicity as the main staple. Being so new to the scene, Estrella is simply going with the flow, and taking in stride whatever it is that comes their way. Keep you ears peeled for this act, they’re bound to reach and capture the hearts of music-enthusiasts everywhere.

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If you guys wanna know where you can get our self-titled album, here's a list of places you can go to:

Tower Records, Rock Corner & Speedy Video
Retail price: RM29.90

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