Friday, January 9, 2009

Kepada yang selalu hilang anak..

GPS Child Locator Watch

On occasion as a parent you get stuck in situations where you’re more worried than usual about keeping track of your children. Well Lok8u is releasing a gadget to help you out in such situations. It’s a set of watches that incorporate GPS, so that you never lose track of your little ones. Likely this won’t be ideal once your kids get a fashion sense of their own, but it will work for at least the younger kids. That is unless you can pitch the watch to them in a way that they won’t mind that it’s a bit on the unfashionable side.

Hopefully you don’t always have to be wearing the watch either, because even the adult version is a bit unattractive. I’m not sure specifically what situation would make you want your kids housed with a GPS unit. However, the watch is an interesting concept. It also has a handy function that lets you know when the watch has been removed, either by your child or someone else. Besides being not so attractive, this is a bit expensive. You can pick up the pair for £149.99 or about $228.